The Lament of Pretty Baby (xlosermagnetx) wrote,
The Lament of Pretty Baby

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holla for being ur friend!
woot. woot.
hey erica! i added you :)
yay! :)



April 28 2004, 17:52:02 UTC 12 years ago

hey erica! its kristen ward. i havent seen u since...holy crap last year... but yea, i dont have a livejournal. so yea, ttyl
hey kris whats up. im me sometime...i miss talking to you! :)
add me...hmm yes add me
who's this?
Hi, I'm Melissa... one of them Rutgers people that knows Kyle, Adam, and Karl... I've heard good things about you :)
You are invited to join definefashion
a rating community for fashion and fun
first 10 member to aply are auto accept
sorry about the non graphics yet, we are still working on that
HEY its courtney, add me on this lj thingie cause its my new one. <3
addd meeeeeeeee
Hey...can you add me?
heyyy, add me! :)